Doctor Who appears (legally!) on BitTorrent

Online TV

To celebrate ten years of Doctor Who being back on TV (“Rose” was broadcast ten years ago this week), the BBC has released a ten episode “box set” on to BitTorrent.


That’s right – BitTorrent, the pirates file sharing platform of choice. But this is all above board and legit – which is why you have to pay $12 for the privilege.

The episodes in the bundle include The Girl in the Fireplace (complete with new Peter Capaldi introduction), Neil Gaiman-penned The Doctor’s Wife, and arguably the best episode of the modern series, Blink.

According to The Graun the reason BitTorrent was chosen was that it would allow the Beeb to sell content around the world with the greatest ease.

Now all we need is every TV company to put their stuff on BitTorrent straight after TV broadcast, in HD, with no DRM, and at a reasonable price, and piracy will be solved forever.

James O’Malley
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