Windows 10 will download updates using peer-to-peer technology

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Whilst the likes of BitTorrent have endlessly been demonised for enabling piracy, it turns out that the technology is also rather useful. So much so that Microsoft is apparently employing peer-to-peer tech when it rolls out Windows 10.


According to The Verge, Windows 10 offers users the opportunity to download updates not just from Microsoft’s usual Windows Update servers but also “PCs on my local network” and “PCs on the internet”.

The upshot of this is not only that it could lead to faster download times as not all users are trying to get the files from the same source, but also that being able to download updates from your local network could save bandwidth. If you’ve got two Windows 10 devices and a cap on the amount you can download, then with this technology you’d only have to download it once. Brilliant.

James O’Malley
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