Valve announces “Steam Link” game streamer


Want to play your PC games on the big screen in front of the sofa? Then good news as Valve has announced the “Steam Link” receiver that will stream games from its popular PC gaming platform.


Steam Link is essentially a small box that you plug into your telly. It has ethernet and wifi connectivity, two USB ports and according to Engadget will act as your gaming bridge, streaming 1080p at 60fps over wifi “with low latency”.

Apparently when it is released in the states, the box will cost $50 (about £30), with special Steam controllers designed to work with it setting you back an additional $50 on top.

We’ve known Valve has been wanting to do this for some time, as the company has also been working on so-called “Steam Boxes” – gaming PCs designed for living room use. The announcement also marks a further challenge to Sony and Microsoft in the battle for the living room.

James O’Malley
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