USB Type C coming to Android phones and Chromebooks

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One of the big changes with the new Macbook which Apple unveiled on Monday as the use of a single USB-C port for, well, pretty much everything – monitor outputs, USB, network cables, everything. The new standard isn’t just Apple-specific but has been agreed across industry – and we’ve just got confirmation that it will be used on Android devices too.


USB-C has a number of advantages over Micro-USB: It works both ways up, can transfer more data and can connect a wider range of devices. The downside? You’re going to have to buy a whole set of new adapters and plugs and so on, of course.

According to TechMash, Google product manager Adam Rodriguez has confirmed the standard will be making its way to Android phones and Chromebooks – including the forthcoming Chromebook Pixel.

The inclusion of USB-C ports on phones is interesting – as the new cables support power going in either direction, could we start seeing peripherals and devices designed to be plugged into phones? Could future phones support, say, external cameras or mass storage natively through the new port?

James O’Malley
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