Shock as Tech media doesn’t report on something Elon Musk said this one time

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There’s shock today in the technology media as it has emerged that Tesla Motors and Space X CEO Elon Musk may have said something, without his comments being picked up and recycled by every tech website out there.


Unverified reports indicate that late last week, billionaire entrepreneur Musk was heard telling a colleague at Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto that he’d had a “long day” and was looking forward to “relaxing on the sofa this evening”.

What makes these comments unusual is that despite them leaving the mouth of the real-life Tony Stark, they weren’t breathlessly reported as though a great prophet had bestowed some words of wisdom from the heavens about the future of space travel or cars.

Following this revelation, some tech commentators have been struggling to explain this inconsistency. Industry commentators meanwhile, who press release their obvious opinions in a bid to get a mention for their brand in a news article’s padding, are speculating that it could be because technology journalists were too busy writing up another mid-range phone from a brand you’ve never heard of, or reporting on how a spokesman for Xbox surprisingly says that the Xbox is going to have a great year.

James O’Malley
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