Pebble Time Steel announced at Mobile World Congress

Smartwatches, Wearables


Smartwatch maker Pebble has just announced a new version of its Pebble Time watch – only a week or so after announcing Pebble Time itself. The Pebble Time Steel is just like the Pebble Steel was to the original Pebble – a classier version, for people who want to look like a slick business type, whilst still getting Facebook notifications on their wrist.

Don’t worry if you’ve already Kickstarted Pebble Time – apparently you’ll still get the opportunity to upgrade, whilst retaining your spot in the virtual queue.

Pebble Time adds some exciting new features to the affordable smartwatch: A colour screen, a new timeline interface and even a microphone for interacting with your phone through voice.

Perhaps most exciting is the less glamorous announcement: That both Time and Time Steel will include a new port on the back of the watch for plugging in custom straps which could contain sensors. This means that with the right strap, you could conceivably monitor your heart rate, track your GPS or even charge your Pebble battery. But it will presumably be up to third parties to come up with these.

Pebble Time Steel looks set to be $250 (about £160) if you Kickstart it, or $299 (about £200) if you buy it at retail.

James O’Malley
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