Mystery Square Enix Steam bundle offers 5 games for £3.99


Square Enix has announced an “Easter Surprise” for Steam users in the form a mystery bundle that for only £3.99 will net you five games – apparently with a total value of £40.

Could Sleeping Dogs be in the bundle?
Could Sleeping Dogs be in the bundle?

Obviously the company isn’t saying what games exactly are involved.

The offer will be available to purchase from March 26th at 9am, through until March 31st at 12pm GMT. The contents will be revealed March 31st at 12pm GMT and your Steam keys will be emailed out from 4pm that day.

The good news is that if the games you get a crap, you’ll be able to gift them away.

Apparently the offer is only available to PAL (so, European) territories.

You can grab the surprise bundle here.

James O’Malley
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