Location tracking app Glympse launches version for cars

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Glympse is a really clever app that lets you share your location with someone – simply send ’em a link and they can follow your progress for however long you’d like. The company has today launched a car versions.


“Glympse for Auto”, as it is known, is an Android app that can take advantage of cars that have either VW or Peugeot Mirror Link support, or a Pioneer App Radio. Essentially it will throw up the contents of what would usually be on your phone screen on to the dashboard, so you can view where other people are, or configure your own sharing details from there.

You can grab the app from the Google Play Store for free.

James O’Malley
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One thought on “Location tracking app Glympse launches version for cars

  • This app is pretty innovative, but it is a little concerning as well. The app can defiantly make stalking easier, so I think users should be aware of the risks before using the app. There are some valid reasons to need too track someones progress and where they have been, however it could go sour quick. I can think of a boat load of security breaches that could happen to this app’s users. http://fusionofideas.com/detail/1830/mobile-custom-app-development

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