Lechal smart shoes offer haptic feedback to guide you


At the Wearable Technology Show today Lechan is showing off its rather clever smart shoes and in-soles. Just like the Apple Watch, they’ll give you a signal when you need to turn.


Its pretty clever. The idea is that you use the app to plot your route, and then put your phone in your pocket, without needing to check it again. When you need to take a left or a right, your shoe will simply vibrate. Brilliant!

As you might expect, Lechal will also track your step count for the day, and also nag you when you’re close to your goal or when you’re slacking.

Interestingly, the company didn’t just develop as a shoe company for athletic types – it also has the laudable goal of helping the visually impaired community get around more easily.

At the moment, the shoe and the in-sole (so it can work in any shoe) isn’t fully in production, but when it is it looks set to retail for around $150 (in-sole) or $250 (if you want the Lechal designed shoes).

James O’Malley
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