Kindle too sweary for you? Sounds like you need “Clean Reader”


Good news! It turns out that most of the world’s problems have been solved, leaving humans the time to focus on the stuff slightly lower down the list, like books that have swears in them.


As spotted by the Guardian Books Blog, Clean Reader works just like Kindle or iBooks – with ebooks for sale. The difference? The app will automatically substitute swearwords for something nicer.

When it comes across a swearword, it will substitute in a less offensive word.

The good news is that if you experience the horror of, say, discovering your kids actually reading books, there’s a number of different sensitive settings: You can go for “Clean”, “Cleaner” or “Squeaky Clean”. The creators apparently maintain a swear database and keep it up to date, so it will update to censor all of the latest curse words.

Personally, I think it’d just be a lot easier if kids would stop reading books and play GTA5 instead.

James O’Malley
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  • Thought the image above shows an iPad, the app is always available on Android Tablets. So, stop showing the iPad all the time and show an Android device

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