Interesting – LG G4 pics leak

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By our reckoning the LG G4, the successor to the rather popular and very impressive G3, should be due later in the Spring. So around now we should be seeing some leaks. And here we go with one of the best so far.

A load of images purporting to be the G4 appear to have landed on the s3rv1cet3ch XDA Developers site via a PhotoBucket upload. While the source may be unclear the photos certainly are not.

The pics are good quality too and show a straight and not curved (ie not Galaxy-Edge-esque) display with a metallic edge. Basically the phone looks pretty much like the G3.

What is confusing is whether the thing protruding on the rear is a stylus or an aerial. Maybe LG is planning on having a pop at the Samsung Galaxy Note.

What does make sense though is the operating system – which is apparently Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

So if the pics are right there’s no flash gimmicks or major form factor changes just an incremental improvement on the G3. Is that enough to take on the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6? Well we will soon see.

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