Google Play adopts age ratings and human moderators

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Google has today announced a couple of changes to Google Play to attempt to make the user experience a bit better for everyone.


In a blog post the company says that it will start applying age ratings to apps available for download, following videogame ratings, localised for different places. So in the UK and Europe you’ll get PEGI ratings, and in the US you’ll have the ESRB and so on. These will then be displayed on app listings.

Apparently developers will now be asked to set an age rating when uploading an app into the store.

The other new thing is an introduction of a human element into app moderation. Google says that a “team of experts” will review apps as they’re submitted for violations of Google’s terms of service and anything dodgy.

Presumably the intention is to prevent anything like the Bomb Gaza apps appearing again.

James O’Malley
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