CityMapper shows off its Apple Watch app

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CityMapper, which makes arguably the best public transport apps available for phones has revealed details of what Apple Watch users can expect.


On a post on Medium the company explained that it has built Watch support around the idea of glanceable information – showing you what you need to do at a specific moment, such as change train or take a particular bus. This follows user research suggesting that one thing CityMapper users do a lot is take their phones from their pockets and check the journey regularly to figure out where to go next.


The Apple Watch app will carry across several features from the mobile app – including live notifications of train arrivals and bus countdowns where those services are plumbed into the app, and support for all of the cities that the mobile app currently supports. Crucially for us, it supports London.

CityMapper will be available on Apple Watch from launch day.

James O’Malley
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