Blackberry announces “Leap” and “Slider”

BlackBerry, Mobile phones

Over at MWC, Blackberry has just announced a new handset. Blackberry Leap is a sleek attempt at doing a fully touchscreen phone again. It has a 5″ display, 2800mAh battery and runs the Blackberry 10 OS. Whether it will make an impact remains to be seen, though could conceivably be attractive to business users who are more worried about security than having the latest apps.

Also announce is the below – a good old-fashioned phone with a slide-out keyboard and (apparently) a curved screen.

Given that Blackberry’s previous most recent phones were the Classic with full hardware keyboard, and now we’re back in the transitional era to touchscreen phones… I guess it is time to party like its 2007. Again.

James O’Malley
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