Archos “Fusion Storage” creates 256GB tablet

Android, Mobile phones

Archos has today announced a clever new technology known as “Fusion Storage”, which combines the internal capacity of a device with a MicroSD card to effectively create some of the largest mobile storage capacities we’ve seen so far.


Apparently what makes Fusion Storage unique is that it will “automatically migrates data and optimises memory balance resulting in significant extra install space for apps and games as well as more storage for media and other large files” – and here’s the interesting thing: It’ll be available on both new Archos tablets and as a software update to a number of existing Archos devices.

In terms of new hardware, there isn’t anything too exciting to report, with the company announcing the “Magnus” range of Android devices. Though if you want something with big storage, these could be the tablets to go for:

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.22.28

James O’Malley
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