Apple Watch apps only designed for “10 seconds” of use

Apple, Apps, Smartwatches

A good spot by The Guardian, citing a Bloomberg report. Apparently, in Apple’s lab where apps for the forthcoming smartwatch are being built, guidelines dictate that apps are being designed to be used for a maximum of ten seconds.


This perhaps shouldn’t be surprising – Apple is clearly wondering why anyone would stare at their watch for ages, when they could just pull out their phone instead. As such, it appears that we can expect apps that run on the watch to be about completing small tasks, for example, checking a sports score or muting a conversation on Facebook.

Conversely we should perhaps not to see anything resembling, say, a full web browser or watch-exclusive messaging app, for the same reasons.

We’ll probably find out more on Monday, when Apple is holding its next big, glitzy event.

James O’Malley
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