Apple Watch apps land in the Apple Store

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The Apple Watch doesn’t arrive until later in April, but if you want a sneek peek of what it is capable of you should head off the Apple store. For Apple has just plonked a load of apps for the watch there for you to try out on your iPhone.

A lot of big media and app companies have already unveiled their Apple Watch plans like, for example The Guardian, but you can now also look at Evernote, Expedia, DarkSky, WeChat and a whole load of others. It seems that most of them are offering truncated versions of their existing iPhone apps which are designed to let you access the most important information you need on your wrist. A good example of this is Expedia which eles you to view trip details, alerts, maps, and address information without having to get your iPhone out.

Others include the WeChat messaging which app lets you read and send text messages and weather app, DarkSky which tells you when and where it is going to rain.

There’s loads more on Apple Watch apps here.

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