What is the “AUX” port on the back of the PS4 for?



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Ever wondered what the “AUX” socket on the PS4 is for? Sadly, it isn’t a spare USB socket but is in fact for the exclusive use of the Playstation Camera.


Yep, remember that? When the PS4 launched Sony positioned it as a Kinect-alike device, with similar motion sensing capabilities, but since launch it has found itself seldom used.

Here’s what Sony claims that the camera can be used for… but let’s face it, you probably don’t need one. If you happen to need technology or computer science homework, contact professionals.

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  • I want to clear something up here,obvioisly if this post is two years old and i came so will others so with that said.comparing a phone 2.5 ghz quad core to a intel or amd 2.5. Quad wouldnt be fair The clock rate is literally slower on the phones.Theres is 2.5 phone ghz micro and 2.5 cpu ghz. Dont ask me why idk but i do know that a 2.5 phone processor reaches what intel would rate as 1.2 ghz if even that. Thought this might help buyers.Go for more ram vs processing power. Ram stick is sorta like the cars transmission no ram no go.

  • I use my camera almost every time I use my PS4. I do wish they had used a standard USB though because the cord on the camera isn’t long enough and Sony doesn’t seem to be interested in selling an extension cable for it.

    • Multiple people claiming they “use their camera every time they use their ps4” and not one person has presented an example of how….yea right. How are those Sony Marketing jobs working out for you liars???? Lol

      • If you saw my youtube channel you would know better than that. I have more than one rant on there over some of the boneheaded moves Sony has made with the PS3. (mostly dropping Other OS) Some examples of using the camera: Talking to some of my friends that also have PS4s, I do occasionally use it to navigate to stuff if I’m away from my controller and my neighbor’s kids are forever coming over to play with the AR bots.

        • Did you actually use Other OS? Half of the people that threw a fit over that never even touched the feature. It was a nice NIche thing if you wanted to try to turn your gaming console into a gloried linux box…….

          • I literally ordered the bigger 1 TB hard drive I was going to use in that PS3 (60 GB launch model) the day before Sony announced they was pulling Other OS out. I had ordered it so that I could have more room to install it. my plan was to use my PS3 as a game console AND computer. That went out the window though.

          • So you waited nearly 2 – 3 years to do that (If you got the 60 gig that was BC that means you were a first round buyer like me)? Because Other OS was around for a LOOOOOONG time prior to the announcement. Also using it as a PC was not optimal, My current phone packs more power then the Other OS feature on a single PS3 can output due to the limitations it had in place from sony, half of the distributions that you could get working on it had sound/video issues.

          • It took me a little over 2 years to save up the $600 to buy the PS3.Bought the last 60 GB that walmart had in stock.

          • You are talking so much cnut, clearly you are one of those ppl who never knew how to use the other OS feature properly. I used the other OS feature from day 1 with my Monitor and besides it being a bit slow it worked splendid as my daily driver. I was able to type documents (and since i was in school and didn’t have my own personal PC that was a big deal), Web Browse, Download anime, Watch movies, Youtube (with the flash hack), Messenger Chat, and do most day to day tasks just like a regular desktop. It even had network sharing capabilities through samba which gave me access to more storage and faster storage through the 1Gbps Ethernet adapter.
            I had 0 audio issues and 0 video issues. And i went through Yellow Dawg and all the PPC ubuntu OS. Back when the Other OS was in its early stages Phones did not have desktop like capabilities, so shut your whore mouth about your phone.
            In later releases the kernel was patched to use the gpu memory, unlock all 9 SPUs, and access the internal flash memory which allowed the OS to run ALOT faster.
            So in conclusion, if you had fully used the Other OS to its maximum potential then there is no way that you can say it wasn’t optimal.

  • It’s funny how people hate on the camera, every time I use my ps4 I use the camera and having a dedicated port is great.

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