The Top 10 GTA4 mods for PC



GTA5 is due to finally hit the PC on March 24th – and it is exciting not just because it will have even fancier graphics than what we’ve seen on the PS4 and Xbox One, but because of the potential for mods. GTA4 on PC still has a thriving community even today thanks to the fans hacking the code about and creating entirely new vehicles, maps and activities. Here’s our pick of the best.


Looking for somewhere to grab a drink in Liberty City? This Starbucks mod is much tamer than San Andreas’s “Hot Coffee”…


You can turn Liberty City into Gotham City with this Batman Tumbler mod.


The map mods are some of the most impressive – like this one which has recreates an entire racing track in the GTA4 engine. Who needs Forza now?

If a race track doesn’t take your fancy, how about a trip to the French Riviera? Whilst this mod might not look too far away from the northern regions of Los Santos, remember that this was created from GTA4 and its New York-style grimness. Astonishing.


Of course, if you’re going on a trip to the Riviera, then you’ll want to do it in style. So how about taking a Lamborghini Aventador?

Now this is cool some clever sod has ported the entirety of North Yankton, the site of the opening act of GTA5 into GTA4, so you can have Niko drive around the place that we later saw Michael and Trevor escape from.


And how about this for a blast from GTA past? A 13 year old kid managed to turn GTA2’s simple 2D city into a full 3D map. It’s pretty basic, but conforms with the original game’s layout. Impressive.

This might look like early footage of Watch Dogs, but it is actually a mod that turns your character into Aiden Pearce and lets you hack stuff like traffic lights. The UI has been given a Watch Dogs-style makeover too.


This “Fun” mod will let you mess with the game and make going on a rampage even easier as you can adjust wanted level, and even the physics -as you can see above.


And finally, well, you can’t beat Stark Tower can you? The Avengers’ base has been recreated in full – and you can even change your character to Iron Man and fly about too. Brilliant.

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