“Skip A Beat” heartbeat controlled iPhone game launches on the app store


Finally someone has found a fun use for fitness trackers. Rather than nagging you about just how unhealthy you are, developer Happitech has invented a game that uses your heartbeat to influence the action.


“Skip a Beat was created to give people an insight into their body and mind, and it does so by simply using an iPhone and iPod touch to quantify different levels of well-being in a fun way”, says Happitech founder and Delft University of Technology graduate Yosef Safi Harb, who developed the Skip a Beat App alongside a team of aerospace, software and neuroimaging engineers that include MIT PhD Mohammad Ghassemi.

Essentially, it is a Flappy Bird clone but one where you have to stay calm.

The app’s interface allows players to learn how to control their hearth rate by controlling their breathing and thoughts to progress in the game. As the difficulty and pace of the game increases, players are challenged to keep a hold on their emotions and control their stress levels in a fun way.


Users can play on Zen mode to try and keep their heart rate between 56 and 70 bmp, or challenge themselves on Master mode that requires them to keep their heart rate under 70 bpm at all times to maximize their score and learn to keep calm under challenging situations.

You can download the game here.

James O’Malley
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