Microsoft promises E3 “surprises”


Microsoft is planning “surprises” and “innovation” for this year’s E3. Quelle surprise!


Pretty much everyone is reporting this via Gamespot, which has relayed the comments of Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg speaking on the Inner Circle Podcast.

What’s astonishing is how Greenberg manages to say absolutely nothing and somehow that is still a story. Here’s a taster from the Gamespot write-up:

“Expect a lot of surprises,” Greenberg explained. “Expect us to talk a lot about games. And if you’re an Xbox owner, I think you’re going to leave really, really, really happy in the investment you made. And if you’re undecided, we hope that you will look at what we deliver on games and want to buy an Xbox.”

“We have some ideas to do some things different at E3 this year that we haven’t done before,” he teased. “I think we’re going to take a little bit of a different approach to E3 this year. But I feel really good about it. It’s been really exciting.”

“That’s our commitment; to continue to innovate and continue to make it better.”

Obviously there isn’t any actual details here, as announcing plans on an obscure podcast isn’t part of Microsoft’s PR strategy – so the signal to noise ratio is like trying to talk to a shy mime whilst standing next to a jet engine.

Wake us up when there’s something more substantial to tell us.

James O’Malley
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