Is your iPhone battery dying too quickly? Here’s what to do.

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If you’ve had your iPhone for a while then you might have noticed that your battery doesn’t seem to be lasting as long as it used to be. This isn’t just your mind playing tricks, or you becoming increasingly addicted to your phone (though it could be) – it is pretty common after a year or so.


Why does this happen?

Batteries are awkward devices, and can only be recharged a limited number of times before they stop holding charge quite so well. For most gadgets, this isn’t usually much of a problem as usually it is around 1000 recharges (or battery cycles) before you need to worry – but as we use our phones every day, and they consume power like it is going out of fashion, it is easier to spot.

Can I fix it?

You probably can’t, but you can pay someone who can. Apple offers a battery replacement service for all iPhone models. If your phone is still within its one-year guarantee, the company will replace it for free. If you’re outside of the warranty, it’ll set you back £59. Sadly, battery replacement doesn’t count as part of Apple Care.

You can find Apple’s service here.

What are the alternatives?

If you can’t face spending £59 on your old iPhone, another good option is to get a high capacity battery pack which you can plug our phone into and charge on the go – assuming you’re willing to lug around an extra brick with you. If you buy one, get the highest mAh possible – so that you’ll be carrying around the most extra juice for your phone.

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