Drone photography is getting standardised lenses – brilliant!

Cameras, Drones

Interesting news this morning as it has emerged that drone maker DJI, which makes the high-end Phantom series of drones has signed up to Olympus and Panasonic’s “Micro Four Thirds” lens standard.


Micro Four Thirds is an attempt to standardise lenses across different manufacturers of mirrorless cameras – so that you can use Olympus lenses with Panasonic cameras, and vice-versa. Which is better for consumers.

DJI joining the standard is particularly interesting as it means that it could make drone photography and filming much better for consumers as there will be a standardised connection for users to bolt on whatever lens they think is best for whatever they are trying to do. Until now the options have basically been stuck with whatever camera your drone came with (or bolt on a GoPro).

The press release also announces that Chinese manufacturers JCD and Flovel have also joined the alliance – meaning that there should be even more lens options for everyone. Hooray for standardisation!

James O’Malley
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