Candy Crush players spend ONE BILLION DOLLARS on in-app payments

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Ever wondered why so many mobile games have really annoying in-app payments? Look no further than developer King’s financial results, which paint a grim picture for gamers sick of having to pay up in-game.


According to The Guardian, the game has pulled in $1.33bn (£865.2m) in 2014 – “almost certainly” bringing the game’s lifetime income to over $3bn.

The good news for anyone who has lost their partner to Candy Crush too is that the game appears to have peaked – with income slowing down, suggesting the appeal of the game is hopefully dissipating.

Figures also reveal that 97.5% of users don’t ever spend money on in-app payments, but of the 2.3% that do, they spend on average a shocking $23.42 every month.

James O’Malley
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