Android Wear made to work with iPhone

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Good news for iPhone owners jealous of all of the choice Android users have over what smartwatch to get: One developer has figured out how to make Android Wear work with Android.

According to AndroidBeat, developer MohammedAG managed to make the two devices work together. The way it works is by adding a special Android app APK file to the watch allows it to communicate with iOS – in exactly the same way that Pebble does.

The watch app then uses the official Apple APIs to pull notifications from your iPhone. Of course – it isn’t perfect and lacks functionality compared to a pure Android experience, as Apple doesn’t allow non-Apple Watch smartwatches to have the same level of control. In other words, whilst you can see and dismiss notifications, you can’t do any of the interactive stuff (such as responding on the watch) which you can with either Android Wear and Android, or the Apple Watch and the iPhone.

Still, its pretty cool. At the moment it is just a tech demo, but we’ll let you know if the app gets released publicly.

James O’Malley
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