WATCH: Polaroid’s new Selfie phone with twisty camera

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Polaroid is now making phones – with a particular focus on photography. The Selfie, Flip and Snap are all coming soon – and Holly from Shiny Shiny has been taking a look.

The phone in the video – and the most interesting – is the Polaroid Selfie, which rather than bother with front and rear cameras instead has a single 13MP camera that can be swivelled around to face in different directions – meaning that your selfies can be just has high quality as your “proper” photos.

Spec-wise, the phone has a 720p 5.5″ display and runs Android Lollipop – so not too bad.

The Polaroid Flip meanwhile is a more traditional Android rectangle – with an 8MP camera on the rear, and 2MP on the front – this too is a 5.5 incher. The Polaroid Snap meanwhile scales things down to 4.7″ and has only a measly 960×540 display – presumably this last option is very definitely aimed at budget consumers. Both of these models also run Lollipop.

We’ve no word yet on whether shaking your phone after shooting a photo will help it develop faster.

Listen to Polaroid’s CEO speak to TechDigest a few weeks ago.

James O’Malley
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