The Digest: Why Netflix won’t block VPN users… and 4 other things people are talking about today

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Why Netflix won’t block VPN users – it has too many of them | The Guardian

“More than 30 million Netflix users live in countries where the service is unavailable without the use of location-masking software, giving the company a hefty financial incentive not to crack down on members who use the technological loophole to watch content not authorised for their country.”

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Being separated from iPhones makes people stupid and anxious | The Independent

“Being separated from iPhones makes people stupid, according to new research. People who were unable to answer their phone while doing cognitive tasks did much worse than others, an experiment has found. While their phone was ringing and they were unable to answer it, their heart rate and blood pressure increased, as well as feelings of anxiety and unpleasantness.”

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Tech jargon for 2015: An A to Z of the new buzzwords to learn this year | Pocket-lint

“Technology is constantly changing and so are the words the industry uses to explain it. Whether it’s marketing words or technical terms, trying to keep up with the latest tech jargon can be tough. CES 2015, for example, was awash with new phrases and technologies that individual manufacturers and the industry in general were keen to bandy around. And they will all no doubt surface time and again throughout the coming year.”

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CES 2015 broke multiple records as the largest show in history | IT ProPortal

“This year’s International Consumer Electronics Show, which took place last week, was the biggest ever, and broke several records in show history, the organisers have announced. No less than 170,000 industry professionals attended the show, with 45,000 of those coming from outside the States, to see 3,600 exhibitors – and a record number of startups were among their ranks. 375 startups were present, nearly double the 220 which CES 2014 saw in attendance.”

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Twitter reportedly considering selling ad space in other apps | UberGizmo

“Facebook has been busy monetizing themselves away, but as far as Twitter is concerned, we haven’t really seen any big pushes by the social media network. Recently we’ve seen them try to sell ad space within a person’s ‘Following’ list although it is unclear how that experiment is working out, and now a report from The Wall Street Journal has suggested yet another ad attempt by Twitter.”

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