Swissvoice Voice Bridge will turn your iPhone into a landline

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Swissvoice has announced a new gadget for those situations when, frustratingly, you still need to use your landline – even though the world has gone mobile.

Voicebridge_Swissvoice 2

The Voice Bridge is a little box that plugs into your landline in place of an actual phone – which you then plug into your router. Then, using the iPhone (or iPad) app, you can make and receive calls destined for your landline on your mobile.

Cleverly, it will even work when you’re out – so that if you have an incoming landline call, you can easily see who is calling and in one button press call ’em back on your iPhone. Up to 5 devices will be supported too – so you can even use the app as an ‘intercom’ between them for free (just as you might have had two landlines on the same phone line in the old days).

Android support will apparently be coming in Q2 this year, and the device will be available from $99/€99 (so, about £80 over here, we presume).

James O’Malley
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