Someone built an entire word processor in Minecraft


Check out this video from Koala_Steamed on YouTube, who spent two years building a real, functioning word processor inside Minecraft. Using only redstones – no command blocks, the entire ‘computer’ has been programmed in binary, working in exactly the same way a computer would it soldered together in real life.

Here’s how they describe what it is capable of:

“Word processor that can load files from memory. Has uppercase, lowercase, numbers & symbols. Not the fastest of word processors but every single bit of data comes through a single line of redstone. I’ve also got plans to turn this into a working computer with an ALU and CPU.

“5×10, 50 character limit monitor using 16 segment display. There are 7.357×10^92 different combinations the screen can show, all of which can be controlled from 1 line.

“Working on adding RAM so that files can also be saved. Also need to add more symbols and well as command functions instead of using /1 to load file 1. I’ll make it ctrl ‘L’ 1 and ctrl ‘n’ for new file and so on.”

Pretty mind-blowing stuff – just a shame video games are a waste of time and only cause violence really, eh?

James O’Malley
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