New app will track how much of your life you’re wasting on your phone

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Do you ever worry that you’re spending too much time on Facebook? Hey, I ASKED YOU SOMETHING! You’d have heard me if you were paying attention. I said, do you ever worry that you’re spending too much time on Facebook?


How many social occasions have you missed because your nose was in your phone? How many precious moments before the grave have been distracted by your pocket buzzing because someone wants to show you a newspaper columnist who is wrong about something?

If this is you, then a new app may be able to help.

QualityTime is a new app for Android that will track your app usage, generate statistics and even tell you when to stop. Heck, if you’re really worried about how many times a day you need to check your tweets, you can even tell the app to lock your screen for a fixed period of time – literally preventing you from using your phone. (I guess you could always use your tablet).


President and co-founder Richard Sah explains: “Smartphone use has become so widely integrated into our everyday lives, it’s difficult for people to realize just how frequently and compulsively they use their phones. If you asked me whether I’m addicted to my smartphone, I would say absolutely not. Then I discovered that I spend 3 hours a day on my phone simply out of habit. QualityTime details smartphone and app use both in terms of frequency and duration, allowing you to understand your smartphone habits and trends – whether it is how often you unlock you phone, a specific app you keep revisiting, or a certain time of day you most use your phone ”.

The app will even connect up with Ifttt, so that you can have your “internet of things” react to your app usage. Too much Candy Crush? Then QualityTime could automatically switch off your lights and tell you it is time for bed. You can also have the app post to Twitter or Facebook that you’ve broken records on usage and so on.

Basically, it is the perfect substitute for your mother.

The app launches today and is available on the Google Play Store.

James O’Malley
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