LG reveals the G Flex 2 curved screen phone

Android, CES 2015, Mobile phones

“Eureka!” cried the scientist. Clutching his invention he ran through the streets. “BEHOLD!”, he cried, “A SLIGHTLY CURVED PHONE”.


I know what you’re thinking: Your phone is just too flat. So beware – now that you’ve seen the LG G Flex 2, which has a slightly curved display you won’t ever be able to look at that piece of garbage in your pocket ever again.

In a parody of CES hyperbole, the official press release for the new phone reminds us that the similarly curvy G Flex 1 “earned positive reviews for its innovative design and outside-the-box thinking”. So outside of the box that that it was an Android device that looked like pretty much every other Android device, apart from one, somewhat wobbly-on-flat-surfaces difference.

The G Flex 2 packs a 2ghz Snapdragon 810 processor, 5.5″ display which can run at “full HD” and a “self-healing” back cover. We presume this means it is like Wolverine. The rear camera is a healthy 13MP, and the front camera is 2.1MP.

The phone will be hitting the UK in February – we’ll let you know when we get more details.

James O’Malley
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