Less than 0.1% of Android devices are running Lollipop

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It has been a number of months since the official release of Google’s latest iteration of the Android operating system, yet still only 0.1% of phones have been upgraded.


The numbers come via Business Insider, which notes that the astonishingly low take up is partially down to the lack of carrier and handset support so far. Unlike iPhones, which can all be upgraded at will by Apple (or at least, prompted to upgrade), Android updates need to be configured and distributed by both phone networks and manufacturers – which is a slow process.

The low take-up is bad news for Google though, as it means that not only do Android users not get access to the latest features and potentially the latest app upgrades, but it means that it leaves the Android eco-system even more fragmented, as developers will have to ensure compatibility with older versions of Android too.

The previous version, KitKat is currently on 39.1% of Android devices, and the three versions of Jelly Bean make the vast majority of the rest.

James O’Malley
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