Jaasta e-ink keyboard takes typing to the next level

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Want to see what the future might look like? Then check out the Jaasta keyboard, which has a number of innovative features.


Yanko Design spotted the hi-tech peripheral. The Jaasta keys are little Kindle-style e-ink displays – meaning that you can easily switch the function for each, for example, changing the language at will. Conceivably it could be good for gaming too, as keys change to represent their in-game function (for example, showing arrows on the “WASD” keys). And yes, the keys are fully tactile like a normal keyboard – so they will bounce back up when you hit them.


It also comes with a laptop-style touchpad that can be clicked into the side – the idea being that you can plug your laptop into the TV and still have full control of your computer. As the touchpad is removable, you can always unclip it and add an old-style numberpad instead.


It isn’t immediately clear when the keyboard will be launching, but we’ll keep you posted.

James O’Malley
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