Is Apple planning a radical Macbook Air redesign?

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Check out this image that has been obtained by 9to5Mac showing what appears to be a radically redesigned 12″ Macbook Air.

The redesign is significant because it makes the already diminutive notebook even thinner – shaving off an extra quarter of an inch compared to the 11″ version.

To cope with the smaller size, the keyboard has been redesigned slightly – squashing the keys closer together. The bezel around the edge of the screen has been reduced too.

Perhaps the most controversial addition though… or should that be subtraction – is the removal of pretty much all of the ports – no normal USB, no SD card reader – and even the Magsafe adapter has been changed. Instead, there’s a single USB type-C port, which is incompatible with existing USB devices, but is reversible like a Lightning cable. This means if this is real and you pick it up, you’ll have to get a new set of cables and adapters too.

As we say, we can’t vouch for the authenticity of the picture – but 9to5Mac is usually on the money.

We’ll let you know when Apple say anything official.

James O’Malley
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One thought on “Is Apple planning a radical Macbook Air redesign?

  • In my opinion, this is way too radical of a change. Let’s focus on functionality and not purely size and aesthetics, going forward. Apple is just going to make us buy new products to use these devices. Without USB ports, what the heck are you going to do? Oh that’s right – buy another product! I already had to get the other week just to make it run faster. Now this? I think it’s time to switch… very disappointed by Apple’s announcements and I think Steve Jobs would be, as well.The joke is on us!

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