Canon “Connect Station” will store your photos together, and help them get on TV

Cameras, CES 2015, Gadgets

Canon has announced the addition of the Connect Station CS100 to its range of camera accessories. The device is a combination of back-up storage and TV photo viewer – so you can easily zap your photos on to the TV.


The way it works is that after you’ve taken some photos, simply tap your NFC-enabled camera (Canon happen to make those too) on the device and it will start wirelessly transferring them over. It will also transfer over USB.

It also connects to your TV via HDMI – and comes with a remote for navigating. You can also view images stored on the device via a web browser on phones, tablets and computers. If you have a Canon wireless printer, you can even send photos from the TV to the printer directly.

It sounds like it could be pretty useful – just a shame about the price tag, which is £199. The CS100 looks set to be available from June.

James O’Malley
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