Karbonn announces the “A5S” phone. Let’s not start calling it the “Ass Phone”

Android, Mobile phones

Karbonn mobile has announced its new budget Android handset is now available on Amazon in the UK.


The A5S is a dual-SIM, KitKat device with a 4″ screen and 5MP camera. So far, so standard – but what, sticks out to us is the name. Phone companies often give products “serial number” sounding names to try to sound classy or hi-tech (think everything from the Canon D800 to the Nokia N1)… but did nobody stop to realise that “A5S” looks a hell of a lot like “ASS”?

Surely it is destined to become the butt of too many jokes? Or will Karbonn not take offence and choose to turn the other cheek?

The phone is available now for only £69.99.

James O’Malley
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