Does this mean The Last Of Us 2 is… confirmed?


Let’s face it, Sony would be mad if it wasn’t working on a follow-up to The Last Of Us – but it seems as though we’ve got something resembling the first piece of evidence that the game is actually being made.


According to All Games Beta, the LinkedIn profile of former Naughty Dog character artist Michael Knowland has him noting that he has worked on not just the first game and Unchartered 4, but also the as-yet-unannounced Last Of Us 2.

He’s since moved on to work at Avalanche Studios on Just Cause 3.

Unfortunately this doesn’t give us any expectation of when we can expect Last of Us 2 – but if we were gambling people, we’d speculate that it might put in an appearance at E3, if we’re lucky.

James O’Malley
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One thought on “Does this mean The Last Of Us 2 is… confirmed?

  • That sucks for one simple reason: the best thing about The Last of Us is the story, and it makes sense and has a wonderful ending. Now a second part will be very tough storywise, Naughty Dog would really have hit it out if the park here.

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