Bitcoins were the worst investment of 2014


Bad news for fans of libertarian magic beans – Bitcoin has performed terribly this year, according to reports.

Pic from here.
Pic from here.

The news comes via QZ, which reports that you’d have been better off investing in Brent Crude oil, the Argentine Peso and even the Russian Ruble. Whilst all did terribly – Bitcoin did even worse. Yep, even worse than the Ruble – which is tanking following western sanctions over the Ukraine situation.



So if you bought Bitcoin this year, perhaps you should find a time machine and go back to buy Apple shares instead.

James O’Malley
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One thought on “Bitcoins were the worst investment of 2014

  • You picked the highest price to use as a comparison. So unless I was one of the few who purchased at $1000 (due to greed I may add) then I would have significantly altered losses or perhaps even gains. Regardless, will you still feel so witty in a couple of years? I think not

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