Autographer ceases production of… Autographer



Remember Autographer? The clip on camera was designed for “life casting” and would snap a photo every few seconds throughout your day – whenever it detected movement or light – so at the end of the day you could play it back and see exactly what you got up to.

It’s an interesting idea, and an interesting device, but the company – also called Autographer – has announced it will stop producing the device.

Managing Director Simon Randall said in a blog post:

“As a result of the rich user feedback from our community we’ve been rapidly evolving the functionality, product design and applications that are required to bring the benefits of companion cameras to the wider global market. Our dual focus on solving the underlying technical challenges of the category whilst also developing the market and our commercial operations have been gaining strong traction but stretching our resources. Based on our learnings from the last few years we believe we can achieve more for the market by focussing our efforts on creating the enabling technologies for the category and working through large global brand partners to bring future devices and functionality to the market.

“This means that we will no longer be manufacturing and selling the Autographer device in its current guise. We remain committed to support our existing Autographer users and collaborators and are very proud of what we have achieved together so far.”

What this means once you translate it into human is that it seems that the company didn’t sell enough (it was something like £300) – and so rather than make its own hardware, the company will be trying to license its lifecasting tech – in terms of algorithms and the like – to other companies. Don’t be surprised if the next GoPro has Autographer technology inside it, for instance.

James O’Malley
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