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HP Sure Supply Express
A free downloadable app called HP Sure Supply Express has been released by Hewlett Packard, which allows its users to check the ink levels of their printers, as well as or low prince inks and toners from reputable suppliers.

How does it Work?
You will need a wireless printer that is connected to your home or office network. Then if you download the free app onto your smartphone or tablet and fill out the simple registration form, you’re pretty much ready to go. Once registered, the app will locate and connect to your printer and you will have your ink and toner levels at your finger tips.

Once the app is connected to the printer through your wireless network you will instantly be able to see what the ink and toner levels are like in the printer and order replenishments if required. The HP Sure Supply app is exclusively connected to Find My Supplies who are a leading supplier of HP inks and toners. You can definitely expect quality ink products with www.findmysupplies.co.uk, at low prices with free next day deliveries. HP Sure Supply Express is a fast way of purchasing replacement inks and toners for sure.

You may be in a work environment or perhaps you’re sat at your home office desk using your desktop computer or laptop, without the smartphone app to hand. If you are, then that’s no big problem as there is an HP Sure Supply PC app available, which works in the same way as the mobile app. This allows you to efficiently replenish your ink stock by notifying you before the printer runs out. By storing your billing details securely on the app, this surely must be the easiest way to purchase ink.


Want to learn more about HP Sure Supply Express? Then click here and use the below invitation code to get started.

HP Instant Ink
Hewlett Packard have yet again redefined the way in which we replace our inks and toners, with their Instant Ink service, which starts at a very reasonable £1.99 a month. To top this competitive price, the HP Instant Ink service could also save you up to 70% from your annual inks and toners bills.


If you have an HP Instant Ink printer then you are eligible for this fantastic service. You can decide how many prints you will use each month which could be something like 50, 100, or 300 pages. If you don’t use all of these pages in a month, then do not worry, you won’t lose these as they will roll over into the next month so you don’t lose out. Of course you may want to print out more pages than you have subscribed for in the month. This is also not a problem for users of the Instant Ink service as additional pages can be purchased from just £1. Included in the service is shipping, recycling and an easy to use ordering service.

You may be surprised to hear that this service could save you an estimated £516 a year, but you’ll be really shocked at how fast your ink and toner takes to arrive on your doorstep, as the Instant Ink printer will automatically order ink for you once its levels get low. That’s one smart printer!

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