Top 10 practical gadget gifts for Christmas 2014

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Christmas is just around the corner, so here’s our top ten PRACTICAL gadgets for Christmas 2014 that you can pick up for less than £50. As we’re looking at practical gadgets, these are things that might actually make you more productive, or enhance your life in other ways – rather than just being a bit of fun.

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Wireless Touch Speaker Boombox

A bluetooth speaker but one that looks the part: with ten hours of playback from a battery, you’ll be able to play tunes out loud, wherever you want to.

£24.95 from Prezzybox
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Action and underwater video camera

If you know someone who’s into watersports, this could be the perfect case. Recording at 30fps, the camera will take the waves in its stride as it captures all of the aquatic action.

£34.95 from Prezzybox
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Vodafone Smart 4 Mini

Whilst not the most advanced phone by a long way, if you’ve got a kid who really wants a smartphone, and you’re on a budget the Smart 4 Mini could be a good option. It has a 4″ screen, 3.2MP camera and runs Android Jelly Bean – so despite its diminutive size, it should still be able to run most apps.

£40 on PAYG
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Seyvr Phone Charging Wallet

The problem with modern phones is that the batteries just don’t last very long – but luckily there’s chargers like this phone charging wallet that can give you some juice when you’re running out. The Seyvr charging wallet is available in both Micro USB (for Android) and Lightning (for iPhone) flavours.

From £49.95, from Cuckooland.
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iPod Shuffle

They don’t get talked about much, but iPod Shuffles are still being made and offer both affordability and portability. £40 will get you 2GB of Tunes to help power through runs and activities where carrying a full size phone might be a bit too cumbersome.
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Eye-Fi Mobi

If you know someone who is into photography but doesn’t have the latest camera, this could be the perfect present. It’s a memory card with built in wifi – meaning that with the card still in the camera, they can connect to it using their phone or computer and download their shots. Very clever tech, but also tiny – so you might want to put it inside a big, elaborate envelope or something.

£33.99 from Amazon.
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ZTE Kis 3

Another cheapo phone in the form of the ZTE Kis 3. Unlike the Smart Mini 4, this phone runs Android KitKat – which until recently was the latest version, and has a dual core 1.2ghz processor and a 4″ screen. Don’t expect to do anything miraculous, but it’ll work well for all your Facebooking needs.

At just £44.99 including £10 top up and free delivery.
[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”Next”] rebound

If you know a frequent flyer, this could be the perfect gift. It’s a clever tag that attaches to luggage – and whilst there doesn’t appear to be any techie parts inside the tag, it can be read by baggage handling systems anywhere in the world, so you can always login and see where you bags are.

£24.99 from ReboundTAG.
[/nextpage] [nextpage title=”Next”] sennheiser
Sennheiser MM30i In-Ear Earphones

From the product description:

A headset specifically designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod users with maximum performance. Multiple sizes of ear adaptors are provided, letting you find the best fit to create a seal in the ear canal to block out unwanted ambient noise. The headset can be used even when external sound volumes are high. An inline microphone and 3-button remote allow you to make phone calls, take voice notes, control music playback, and adjust volume on Apple and other compatible smartphones and tablets, also MP3 players.

£49.99 from Currys.
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Night Cable

This isn’t just any phone charging cable – the Night Cable is specially weighted so it won’t go sliding off of your desk, so is perfect for keeping things neater.

$40 (about £25) from Native Union

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