Top 10 Fun Gadget Christmas Gifts for under £50

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Christmas gifts can be boringly useful: Everyone needs new socks eventually, but it doesn’t mean they want to unwrap them on Christmas morning whilst forcing a smile. So why not get something fun? Here’s our top ten FUN Christmas gifts under £50 – they won’t boost productivity, but they’ll make Christmas more enjoyable.

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Bluetooth gloves

Now you can take calls… with gloves. There’s a bluetooth headset wired in so to take calls you simply have to make the “phone” gesture with your hands. Amazing.

£37.12 at Amazon.
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Tetris Light

How about some lights shaped like the blocks from a game you’ve spent far too many hundreds of hours on? Brilliantly, you can configure the lights however you like.

£29.95 from PrezzyBox
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Cube Click Clock £22.95

From the product description:

“We all know the feeling, the alarm clock bleeps and all you want to do is stay in bed. So you hit the snooze button and kip for another 10 minutes…and then 15 more…and the 15 more after that! Before you know it, you’re 20 minutes late and don’t have time for your morning shower. Yuk!

Make today the day you stop hitting that snooze button with this fantastic Cube Click Clock! Your cube shaped clock has a walnut wood look (so hitting it is more likely to wake you up in the morning than anything else!) and the digital display even features temperature details so you can spend less time guessing what the weather is like!

Your clock comes on at the click of your fingers and switches off automatically when the room in quiet – clever and energy saving!”

£22.95 from PrezzyBox
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Rubiks Cube Light

A game and a light in one! And powered by USB too.

£29.95 from PrezzyBox
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Defusable Alarm Clock Kit

From the product description…

“The first thing that comes to people’s minds when they see this contraption is : Oh my God! There is a bomb in here! Well, yes, in a way there is, depends upon what meaning you attach to the word “detonate”. This is a defusable alarm clock. It functions just like any other alarm clock, complete with a snooze option. But, you can also run a countdown on it, which might scare some people, until you defuse the bomb by cutting the right wire from the four that are there on top of this device. Out of the fo ur, two are duds, which means nothing happens, one defuses and one “detonates”. The big red button on the counter is the one to go for, both for setting the alarm and for starting the dreaded countdown. You can really scare people with this. Try it as a gag at home, among family and friends; if they panic, disabuse them. This is not a live and ticking bomb, it’s just make believe. We provide you with a full set of instructions on how to go about setting the alarm, operating the snooze option and starting the “countdown”. Please don’t play any tricks with people who have a heart condition or in your local supermarket where terrorist threats have a certain amount of credibility. Use it for some harmless fun, that’s all!.

£42.99 from The Gift Oasis.
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Scentee Smartphone Aroma Diffuser

This could be the perfect techie gift your mum. It’s like a glade plugin, but you can programme it to squirt nice smells with your phone – using an app to set the frequency and duration of releases. You can even have it spray every time you get a notification. Amazing.

£29.99 from Firebox
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Robot arm

When trying to figure out who to get this for, the real question should be “who doesn’t want a robot arm?”. The answer is nobody.

£30.16 on Play.
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Remote Control Shark

Recreate Jaws on your next trip to the pool with this remote control shark. Though be warned – you’ll need to supply your own helium!

£25.95 on Play.
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Steampunk USB Hub

Okay, so this may be a bit too practical for this list, but this is the coolest USB hub we’ve seen – evoking the steam punk aesthetic, and looking a bit like the TARDIS console at the same time. It supports all USB drives – from USB 1 to USB 3.

£39 from Amazon.
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Stooksy VR-Spektiv 3D Goggles

And finally these 3D Goggles will turn your phone into a virtual reality machine. Simply download a stereoscopic 3D app or game from the app store, mount it in front of the lenses and you’ll be thrown into a virtual world. Like a classier Google Cardboard.

£35.98 from Amazon.

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