The Digest: Spotify fans are cat people… and 4 other things people are talking about today

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Spotify fans are cat people, but Taylor Swift fans prefer dogs, data shows  | The Guardian

“Maybe the row between Spotify and Taylor Swift is about more than streaming music royalties. Maybe it boils down to a deep disagreement over pets. That’s one (yes, ridiculous, but wait until you see the data) conclusion to be drawn from a comparison of these two brands on market research firm YouGov’s new Profiler web app, which launched this week. It enables you to plug in any brand, person or thing to see what data YouGov’s surveys have thrown up on its typical customer or fan. It turns out Spotify fans are cat people, while Taylor Swift fans are dog people.”

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Uber’s moral compass needs recalibration | TechCrunch

“The latest Uberite in hot water is Josh Mohrer, the general manager of Uber New York, who BuzzFeed reports is under investigation for accessing customer logs belonging to one of its writers on at least two occasions. Mohrer is said to have pulled the information from ‘God View’, an Uber tool that provides an overview of customers riding its transportation network in real-time, as well as access to their account history.”

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The sex is the saddest thing about GTA V | Kotaku

“I’m totally floored by GTA V on new-gen consoles. It is astounding in every way; I will play it for another sixty hours. Here is a game that pays extraordinary attention to the tiniest features of its world, a game that renders the interiors of each of its 250+ vehicles in painstaking detail – and yet, the sex is terrible. It’s a meaningless transaction which nobody seems to get anything out of at all (certainly not the player, who must sit through screamingly awkward animations and eyebrow-raisingly OTT audio).”

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Tesco teams up with BT to launch free Wi-Fi service | Broadband Choice

“Tesco has launched a free Wi-Fi service throughout its UK and Republic of Ireland stores to enhance customers’ shopping experiences. The retailer has joined forces with network provider BT to roll out the technology across its Tesco Extra and Superstore sites, with consumers able to log on to the web completely free of charge while doing their grocery shopping.”

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Android rival Jolla seeks crowdfunding for first Sailfish OS tablet | Cnet

“Finnish smartphone manufacturer Jolla is looking to Indiegogo to crowdfund its first tablet, a 7.9-inch slate that runs Sailfish OS, rather than Android.”

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