Nintendo to sell empty boxes in shops. Really.



Far be it from us to question Nintendo in its infinite wisdom, but the company has just announced that it will be selling empty boxes. Seriously.

Buyers of Nintendo Pocket Football Club and Mario vs Donkey Kong from shops will open the case to find… um… nothing. Well, just a download code for the titles.

Its obviously an attempt to claim valuable retail space for marketing, and to create de-facto ‘Gift Cards’, but surely this is… utterly pointless? Don’t Nintendo have better things to be doing like producing Wii remotes in different colours or adding the Happy Mask Salesman as a Smash Bros character?

James O’Malley
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  • Good on you Nintendo, lets drag all these people who dont like change into the 21st century.

    I for one couldnt care less about having a hard copy, its one more thing to lose, to break etc.

    Give me a discless future pls.

    For those that are worried you dont actually own the game, who cares? As long as you can play it whenever you want.

    It would be suicide to take these games away from people, for any company, so why everyone is getting so uppity about it, I do not know.

    Once everyone is doing the digital downloads only, hopefully we will start to see some price reductions.

  • Why do you think this is bad? It doesn’t stop them from doing anything else, it markets the e-shop and digital downloads, as well as give those who want a physical box (possibly even mini manual) a chance to have one (for display or whatnot). You make this sound like nintendo can only do one thing at a time and I’m pretty sure they have enough people to multitask.

    • But what if this means they are switching from physical copies to digital downloads altogether??? Any die hard nintendo fan like me always prefers the choice to own a hard copy of nintendo games. Fans like me don’t even really want nintendo to ever switch to mobile gaming. This isn’t (as you say) bad at all. That is not what the article is saying. Its stating the fact that Nintendo may one day switch over to plastic boxes with download cards for digital purchase. The 50 American dollars the games cost is for the OWNING of a copy of the game. Not the dumb box. Please don’t talk like you know what the future holds, because the truth is that YOU don’t.

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