Millionaire Myleene Klass redistributes wealth to London’s peasants



In a shocking twist to TV ‘personality’ Myleene Klass’s comments on the “Mansion Tax”, the millionaire has appeared in a high-tech water projection last night to hand out gifts to the little people.

It was all part of a promotion for the retailer Littlewoods, and entailed Klass – shot on a greenscreen and dressed as genie – appearing projected on a 13ft tall water display on the Thames. No wonder she wasn’t keen on the idea of taxing water either.

According to the press release, Millionaire Klass commented, seemingly without irony: “I’ve always thought us Brits a generous lot, which is why it’s lovely to be able to give back to the selfless-shoppers out there with a little Christmas surprise.”

If you watch the video below, you’ll see that members of the public ended up getting their hands on digital cameras, laptops and ambiguous plastic bags, which presumably Klass thinks they need more than public services paid for through progressive taxation.

James O’Malley
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