Kickstarter bans “Blood Sport” gaming device


It sounds very clever, but is also very wrong: “Blood Sport” was a Kickstarter looking to raise money for a device that would take your actual blood whenever you get shot playing online games. For real.


Creators Taran Chadha and Jamie Umpherson were looking to raise $250,000 to create the device, and then put it to work at a gaming tournament in Toronto, timed to coincide with the release of Battlefield: Hardline. It was never intended to be a commercial project, but seems to be more of an art project.

The way it works is by joining up the rumble pack of a games controller with a blood donation… machine, using an Arduino processor. So that whenever you get hit and the controller rumbles, the blood bank takes a sip.


Unfortunately for the pair, after just over $3000 was raised, Kickstarter pulled the plug – presumably as medical devices are a legal and PR disaster waiting to happen.

James O’Malley
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One thought on “Kickstarter bans “Blood Sport” gaming device

  • this is so silly… especially after hearing reports of how gamers faint / get heart attacks after intense gaming sessions why would you even think of drawing extra blood from them?

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