10 Great Christmas Apps for iPhone

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Here are 10 iPhone apps that are sure to get you into the Christmas spirit…

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A Charlie Brown Christmas (£3.99)

Charles Schultz’s classic Christmas tale has a timeless quality, doesn’t it?  Peter Robbins, the original voice of Charlie Brown, narrates the rebirth of the 1965 animated classic as an interactive storybook complete with original dialogue and digitally remastered illustrations. The object is to help Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the entire Peanuts gang as they struggle to find the true meaning of Christmas.

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Dr Seuss Camera – The Grinch Edition (£1.49)

The Grinch Edition of the Dr Seuss Camera is an adorable Christmas app for kids or anyone who could use some extra holiday spirit. You can take pictures with Dr Seuss characters or choose to become the Grinch, his friend Max or even little Cindy-Lou Who. Grinchmas Cards can be emailed to friends and family, or saved to the Photo Library.

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BBC Good Food (Free)

Need to cook Christmas dinner? Well, the BBC has you covered. Whether you’re looking for weekday inspiration, trying to cook the perfect steak or attempting your own homemade ice cream, get cooking with the new BBC Good Food – Recipes, tips and cooking tools app. This app lets you buy and store all the existing BBC Good Food cookbook apps, and organise your favourite recipes and shopping lists in one place. The app is free to download, and comes with 20 recipes, such as Beef & beer pie, Summer vegetable curry and Chocolate & raspberry pots. It also includes tools like a simple-to-use roast timer, handy weight converters, and a basic glossary of ingredients and techniques.

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Christmas!! (Free)

If holiday anticipation is killing you, the Christmas!! app will keep you sane until the big day arrives. The app includes a Christmas countdown, advent calendar and some holiday songs. An in-app gift list will also help you keep track of your spending on gifts. The content in this Christmas app won’t be unlocked until December 1, but you can use it each year.

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Christmas Cake Recipes (£0.69)

Mmmmm, cake! This app can help you to make the perfect Christmas cake. It has simple recipes for beginners – such as Blueberry Coffee muffins – to advanced recipes such as the chocolatey Viennese Dream Cake.

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Santa Tracker (£0.69)

So if you’re still telling your kids that yes, there IS a Santa Claus, you can let them track the old fella by counting down the days before Christmas. Your little ones can see what Santa and his elves are up to, then follow his route as he and his reindeer go on their delivery round  on Christmas Eve.

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A Christmas Carol (£3.99)

A Christmas Carol is the best-known and best-loved of Dickens’s Christmas Books, and the story of the miser Scrooge’s redemption has become as much part of the Christmas tradition as plum pudding and carols. Will Tiny Tim live to see another Christmas? Can Scrooge recover his humanity and learn to love the fellow men he seems to despise? Dickens will make you laugh and make you cry as you follow Scrooge’s supernatural adventures on Christmas Eve…

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Twas The Night Before Christmas (£1.99)

This is the classic American Christmas poem 3D animated like you have never seen it before – playful, funny and slightly irreverent. The app lets the user choose from one of three professionally-recorded narrations, lets the user record their own voice reading the poem, and includes some animated surprises …

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Letters to Santa Claus (£0.69)

This app lets your kids write to Santa Claus – and Santa actually replies (which takes about an hour – the old bloke is pretty busy at this time of the year). Here’s a sample letter:

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good boy this year. I have tried my very best not to pick on my little brother. I hope all is well at the North Pole. I will be attaching cookies to this letter for you. I would like the following for Christmas: a red fire truck, a new basketball, and a puppy.

Merry Christmas,

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Talking Santa (£0.69)

This Talking Santa app lets you speak into your microphone and listen to Santa repeat your holiday message aloud (do try to keep it clean, people). Talking Santa will also give you presents, eat cookies and milk, and more. The app also lets you create and share 3D video animation greetings and Christmas cards with your friends and family.

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