Which UK streaming services have the Marvel movies?

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Last night was a big night for film fans and comicbook geeks: Marvel announced its plans for “Phase 3” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – and revealing who will be joining Iron Man, Captain America and company for Avengers: Infinite War in 2018.


And this made us think: Before next year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, what if you want to marathon all of the previous films in the run-up? Which online streaming services is it best to do it on?

It’s a surprisingly tricky question given the mess of rights to each film – with the myriad of companies involved all requiring different terms – which means that (for example) we’re in the unusual position of Iron Man 2 being available on Netflix, and yet the older Iron Man 1 not being available anywhere.

Here’s the results of our brief research:

Essentially, it looks like if you want the full Avengers experience you might be better off buying the Blu-Ray box-set, as insane as that sounds in this day and age.


  • Much of the data was via tanktop.tv, and is correct as of the 29th October 2014.
  • The above listing is for renting films on demand – most of the films are available “to buy” on most services, but we’re trying to do this cheaply.
  • Where “Yes” is listed, the film is available on demand for free, as part of a monthly paid subscription package. Where you have to pay for a rental, we’ve included the price.
James O’Malley
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