UberPool lift sharing coming to the UK


Taxi-booking app Uber is planning to launch a service called UberPool in the UK, which lets riders share a lift with another user – splitting the cost for both of them.


The service has already launched in San Francisco, and sees Uber try to pair you up with another person looking to go along a similar route when you hail a cab through the service. CEO Travis Kalanick has told The Telegraph that a £21 black cab journey could conceivably cost just £6 with the service.

According to the same report, the idea is to reach a point where Uber drivers are on “the perpetual trip”, and always have a passenger in the back seat – making journeys as efficient as possible.

Whilst it could be good news for consumers, it does raise questions for other transport stakeholders in London: Its well know the cabbies aren’t happy with Uber, so this news won’t delight them.

We’ll let you know when it launches here.

James O’Malley