The Digest: Twitter keeps spreading its wings… and 5 other things people are talking about today

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Twitter increases users and sales but shares slide | BBC News

“Twitter has reported a doubling in sales and a 23% increase in the number of active users of its micro-blogging site for the third quarter. The firm said it added 13 million monthly active users between July and September, meaning it now has 284 million users.”

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Windowless plane would let passengers see world around them | Mashable

“UK-based tech innovation company Centre for Process Innovation hopes to be among the first to design a windowless aircraft. Instead of windows, the plane would have high-definition, flexible screens to show what’s happening outside, as it soars through the air.”

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Elon Musk says AI research may be ‘summoning the demon’ | Huffington Post

“Elon Musk is no Luddite, but that doesn’t mean he’s eager to embrace all new technology. ‘I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence,’ the CEO of both SpaceX and Tesla, said in a talk at MIT. ‘If I were to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that.’ “

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One-in-five would pay more for house with fast internet | The Telegraph

“High-speed internet is increasingly important when choosing a home, with a fifth of Britons prepared to pay more for fast broadband, and almost a quarter likely to negotiate a lower price when buying a property with a poor broadband connection.”

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Tim Cook talks Apple Watch, TVs and the power of the iPhone | Engadget

“Tim Cook started out his talk with Gerard Baker, Wall Street Journal’s editor-in-chief, at the WSJD Live conference with a very obvious statement: ‘The phone is the majority of the company’s revenue,’ and it will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Apple doesn’t just make money from phone sales, but also everything that comes with it – apps, iTunes media and, yes, Apple Pay. Cook was eager to point out that Apple Pay reached over a million card activations in just the first 72 hours, and that Visa and Mastercard said that Apple Pay is already the number one player in contactless payments.”

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Half of YouTube’s views now come from phones and tablets | The Verge

“Where are people watching videos on YouTube? A little while ago, the majority were on desktop, but now the company says that half are tuning in from mobile devices like phones and tablets. On stage at the Code Mobile conference, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that metric’s grown alongside the popularity of its app on places like Apple’s App Store, where it ranked among the top apps last year.”

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